Social Media Platforms: A Guide



Hi, I’m Lauren, the Social Media Desk’s intern. I’ve learned quite a bit in my brief stay here. So Wright and Mel encouraged me to share some of my experiences with you.

Much of my time is devoted to curating posts for the main NPR Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter accounts. (I have…

Did you know that NPR’s social media team is now making our daily internal newsletter public? We are putting up all sorts of social media tips and tricks here: socialmediadesk. They’re helpful, I think, even if social media isn’t part of your job. We’re also sharing stuff we’re thinking about, in general. 

The post above is from our intern laurenkkatz, who shares how to think about engagement on different kinds of platforms. Enjoy!

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Where Art Meets Gif: The Hypnotic Animated Gifs of David Szakaly | Colossal



Photocollages by Mary Anne Kluth

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Seven Ways to Eat Healthier As You Age



Nutrition needs change as we age, and that’s why during week four of National Nutrition Month we’re sharing healthy eating tips so you can make good food decisions your entire life.

Here’s what you need to know.



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Drinking Lessons


Another poster in my cellular anatomy series it is the plant cell! Avalible on my etsy at:

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Beautiful photos of chicken beauty pageants


Photographer Ernest Goh documents chicken beauty pageants in Malaysia. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous animals.

Chicken Pageant

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Adidas and Nike are in a foot race to see who can perfect a knit—not sewn—shoe that will wastes less material and doesn’t need as much cheap labor to make.

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Philadelphia in 1883


Philadelphia in 1883

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